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Internet Search Engines
Google search engine. First-choice search engine.
Yahoo! Search engine. Go to Yahoo!
Grokker search engine. Search engine that displays its results a little differently.
Research the Net like a pro (by Monte Enbysk, MSN) MSN online article about making the most of the search services available, and really finding what you want, beyond a cursory search. Go to BotSpot list of Bots for the web.
Webcrawler. Go to Webcrawler.
Lycos search engine. Lycos search engine.
Slider. Go to Slider for searches and categories.
Alta Vista. Do a search using Alta Vista.
Netscape Netcenter. Netscape's home page.
Northern Light Search service. Search service.
Look Smart Search service.
Spy King. 100+ search engines for almost any topic. (Not functional at this time.)

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