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Computer dictionaries and other technical resources

PC Webopaedia
Great computer dictionary....
TechWeb Home Page
Computer and networking technology encyclopedia and dictionary.
Sharpened.net Glossary
The Sharpened Glossary. A glossary with simple, easy-to-understand computer- and Internet-related terms. Check the bottom of the page for an acronyms listing, and for e-mail emoticon guide.
Also check Sharpened's main page for more information.
Internet & Technology Dictionaries
COM Library's listing of technical dictionaries and technical resources.
Hutchinson Dictionary of Computers, Multimedia and the Internet
Simple explanations of everything computers....
UK web site geared toward teachers. This link points to on-line dictionaries and other similar on-line resources.
A cross-referenced Internet glossary with links to related sites.
TECHtionary is the world’s first animated dictionary on telecommunications, data networking and internet technology.
Animated computer dictionary. Requires a Flash 5.0 plug-in.
InstantWeb - The Free On-line Computing Dictionary.
Computer dictionary......
ComputerUser.com Dictionary
Computer dictionary......
Infoplease.com (The Learning Network)
Online reference, simple to use, good for kids.
Computers' Dictionary Main Page
Simple, simple computer dictionary....
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Acronym Finder
A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects.
Internetworking Terms and Acronyms
Internetworking Terms and Acronyms, as provided by Cisco Systems.
Learn the Net
User-friendly way to learn about the Internet. I recommend the on-line tour.
Cisco Networkers
Cisco presents a series of .PDF files covering a variety of topics from WAN technology to optical technology to routing and switching.
Cisco Systems (Technical Assistance Center)
Networking equipment manufacturer has technical information available. LAN and WAN technologies, glossary of networking terms, troubleshooting assistance, network design assistance, bug reports, etc. You'll be required to register to gain access (no cost).
Electronics Design, Strategy, News. Technical information and newsletter.
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AHK & Associates Information on ISDN Cause Codes
ISDN codes and their meanings, SPID formats, and other ISDN information.
Dan Kegel's ISDN Page
ISDN-related material and pointers to other sites.
RalphB Net
ISDN-related material and tutorial. Click on the tutorial link.
PacBell ISDN Glossary
ISDN Glossary.
Chesapeake NetCraftsmen
Useful links covering topics such as LAN, WAN, FDDI, ATM, Token Ring, IP routing, RIP, OSPF, and a lot more.
Telecommunications Dictionaries, Glossaries, and Terminology
Links to sites providing useful telco references.
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Technical Glossary
Glossary of networking and telecommunications terminology. Pops up a window with a 1.068 MB file (255 pages). Thanks to Matt West.
Cisco Systems
Reference material on different data communications protocols commonly used in wide area networks. See also their Glossary for additional definitions of networking terms.
Novell Glossary of Networking Terms
Glossary of Networking Terms. See also their Commonly-Used Terms page for terms and acronyms, as well as Glossary page for terms and acronyms.
Tylink (Sync Research) Home Page
Glossary of networking terms.
Internet Glossary
ABC Internet's simple Internet glossary, to help understand all those terms
Everything you need to know concerning WAN and networking protocols. Don't forget to order your free protocol chart.
Network Engineer's Toolkit Website
Reference material on different data communications protocols commonly used in wide area networks.
C|NET Spotlight on Network Infrastructure
Click on the "Spotlight on Network Infrastructure" link on the page. From c|net.
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IP Subnetting Software Demo
Subnetting demo (runs a Java applet).
IP Subnetting Tutorial
Subnetting tutorial, with examples.
Network Design and Research Center
Access a variety of terms and definitions.
InfoWizard Page
Developer resources.
Computer and Communications Dictionary
Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms, By Mitchell Shnier. The printed manual is no longer available, but terms are still searchable.
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Web/Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
Very good resource.
The C Shell tutorial
All about using the C Shell in UNIX.
Bourne Shell Features
Learn a little about the Bourne Shell, and BASH.
UNIXhelp for Users
Helpful information for users of the UNIX operating system.
The UNIX Reference Desk
Various sources referencing computing in the UNIX environment.
The Creation of the UNIX Operating System
Information about the history of Unix. Site is from Lucent Technologies.
Learn about Unix shell scripting.
Asychronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Technology Web Knowledgebase
Learn about ATM. See also NPAC's home page, which has several other tutorials.
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NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML primer; put out by NCSA, a unit of the University of Illinois.
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Prima Publishing
Publishing firm which puts out a series of computer books you may find useful. Many other titles as well.
Online resource for books on IT.

Head banging

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Online Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Libraries, and Other References/Resources

Merriam Webster Dictionary
Online English dictionary.
Merriam Webster Thesaurus
Online thesaurus.
Online Dictionaries. Free!
Online links to medical, legal, English, computer/Internet, Sign Language, and various language dictionaries.
National University Dictionaries
Online dictionaries and other reference resources provided by National University. Site contains dictionaries, encyclopedias, library resources, and thesauruses.
Cambridge International Dictionary of English
Online English dictionary.
American Heritage Online Dictionary of the English Language
Online English dictionary.
Keliwe Online English Dictionary
Online English Dictionary offers thesaurus, definitions, synonyms and sample sentences.
UK web site geared toward teachers. This link points to on-line dictionaries and other similar on-line resources.
Encarta English Dictionary and Encyclopedia
Encarta dictionary. Encyclopedia available, in limited form.
Columbia Encyclopedia
Columbia Encyclopedia online.
Online encyclopedia. See also the Reference Desk.
Lexicate - online dictionary list
Lexicate is an online dictionary resource. Languages, specialized areas (law, medicine, computers, etc.), subject of the day.
Your Dictionary.com
Online dictionary with many options for searching (e.g. word of the day, top 10 dictionaries, specialty dictionaries, etc.).
See also the specialized dictionary section, which covers many areas, such as law, medicine, chemistry, furniture, magic, aviation, geology, robotics, and many others.
Online resource for checking quotations, references, etc. Includes familiar quotations, an encyclopedia, dictionaries, thesaurus, and factbook.
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Medical References/Dictionaries
Medterms.com Online medical reference.
MEDLINEplus Multiple online medical dictionaries and references.
The On-line Medical Dictionary Online medical reference. (From CancerWeb, and the Gray Cancer Institute.)
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Legal References/Dictionaries
Nolo's Shark Talk Dictionary. Figure out legal mumbo-jumbo.
Duhaime's Law Dictionary. Legal dictionary provided free of charge by lawyer Lloyd Duhaime.
Legal Explanations.com. Legal dictionary written in plain English.
Online Translators
Langenberg.com Online foreign language translator. Multiple translators from different sources, such as FreeTranslation.com, Google, and World Lingo. Convert from/to English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.
FreeTranslation.com Online foreign language translator. Use at your own risk - it's billed as a "site for rapid translations where you can get the 'gist' of foreign language text and web pages". Spanish, French, Italian, German, Norwegian, and Portuguese.
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Other Research Aids

APA style manual
American Psychological Association
Online access to the APA style manual.
A Guide for Writing Research Papers
Online style manual provided by Capital Community College (Hartford, CT).
APA Format for Annotated Bibliographies
Online style manual provided by Lesley University (Cambridge, MA).
How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography
Online style manual provided by Cornell University (Ithaca, NY). Compares APA and MLA styles.
Other Research Aids
Library of Congress
Research materials online.
New York Public Library
NYPL online.
See also the NYPL Digital Gallery, which allows free and open online access to hundreds of thousands of images.
The Internet Public Library
Online research and research collections.
The Reference Desk
Collection of online research aids, such as almanacs, atlases, biographies, and dictionaries.
The New York Times
NYT online.
The National Science Foundation (NSF)
NSF's mission: "To promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure the national defense." Also serves as a good research tool.
On line reference which promotes web sites that provide useful information on a variety of topics.
One Look Dictionaries
211 dictionaries, for your viewing pleasure.
Crossword Solver
Kind of an odd thing. Use this to solve crossword puzzles, and any word puzzle. Dictionaries and a thesaurus.
A Yahoo search turned up glossaries for several subjects.
Dictionary of Composers
From the web site: "Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers is provided free of cost for your reference." Research musical composers.
Search works of art by title, artist, museums, medium (e.g. photography or sculpture), or by movement (e.g. Baroque or Art Nouveau). Samples of artwork included.
How Stuff Works
Online reference tool. Research a bunch of stuff.
List of Latin phrases
Online reference tool. This page includes English translations of less common Latin phrases.
Online reference tool which has maps of every country, population information, and statistics about the countries.

For webmasters

Website Abstraction
Collection of code, graphics, etc. for webmasters. Included in this section because it contains Java, FrontPage, and other tutorials.
HTML Writers Guild
Guild devoted to HTML, with resources and mentoring programs.
Java Script Resource
If you design a web site, this is a collection of Java Scripts.
HTML Goodies
If you design a web site, this is a collection of HTML-related material.
Free web page-building tools for your web site.

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