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Links to possibly useful things...

All-In-One Directories

The Mining Company: An online resource for finding information on different topics.
Sacramento Mining Company: An online resource for finding information on different topics (Sacramento-specific).
InfoVillage (Sacramento region): Links to useful sites in Sacramento, CA.
Netscape Guide: A little bit of everything.....Links to other sites.
PBS Online: PBS makes its services available online.
25 Most Useful Sites: A collection of useful sites, collected in table format (clickable links).
F1 Services, Inc.: A collection of useful links, ranging from databases to government links to company information.

Various Directory Services

Residential Directory Assistance: Look up phone numbers, addresses, etc. for individuals. Reference tool which allows you to look by state, and then break down by category to find the address information for whatever you're looking for. Home Page: Find the area code you're looking for....
North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA).: North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Check on area codes that have changed.

U.S. Postal Service, Maps, Package Tracking

ZIP Codes and USPS | Maps | Package Tracking | GPS, Tracking, Flight Information, Etc.

ZIP Codes and USPS

U. S. Postal Service: Look up ZIP codes for locations around the country.

Package Tracking

United Parcel Service Package Tracking: Look up your UPS package by tracking number.
Airborne Express: Track your Airborne Express package.
Federal Express: Track your Federal Express package.


Yahoo Maps: Map the site you're looking for. Just plug in the address.
MapQuest: Find the location you're looking for.
MapBlast!: Find locations, lat&long, print maps, etc.
Map World: Online ordering of maps. Online reference tool which has maps of every country, population information, and statistics about the countries.
Tiger Mapping Service: U.S. Census Bureau mapping service. Find any place in the U.S.

GPS, Tracking, Flight Information, Etc.

Flight Distance Calculator: If you know Lat. & Long. then you can calculate miles.
Finding your latitude and longitude: Where in the world are you?
AirNav: Free detailed aeronautical information on airports and navigational aids in the USA.

E-mail and Phone Number Search/Services Online search service for yellow pages, whites; sorted by state, by category, and can search by ZIP code.
Four 1 1 Home Page: Use this service to find telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
Ultimate White Pages: Find telephone numbers for anywhere. Multiple search services at once. E-mail locator, business finder, phone number search, ZIP code search, etc.
People Search by W3Com: All-in-one email address and telephone number directory service that allows you to search and display from multiple search engines.. "If you are looking for a name, phone number, address, zip code, or anything else, you can find it in"
QuestDex: "At QuestDex you can search the Yellow Pages for virtually any business you may need information on."
White House: E-mail the President or Vice President of the United States. Links to other U.S. government sites.

Finance-related Sites

Stocks and Stock-tracking tools

NASDAQ Home Page: Check your stocks if you have any...
Charles Schwab: Online investing service. Fee-based service.
E* Online investing service. Fee-based service. *
Merrill Lynch: Online investing service.
Datek: Online investing service.
AmeriTrade: Online investing service.

Financial information, investor info, and other resources

CBS Market Watch: Web site devoted to stocks, bonds, market information, etc.
The Wall Street Journal: Business/financial news, company reports, stock information, etc. Or go right to their U.S. View.
The Motley Fool: Business/financial news, stock information, etc.
IPO Information regarding Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).
MSN MoneyCentral: Investor information.
CNN Financial Network: On-line investor information. Information on startup companies, investment capital, entrepreneurships, etc. From the Wall Street Journal.

Loan Information

Mortgage Calculators: Calculate your monthly mortgage payments. Yahoo search results.
Bank Rate Monitor: Track loan rates for mortgages, car loans, etc.
Complete Mortgage Guide: A guide to obtaining a mortgage, and loan information.
AutoSite Home Page: Figure your loan or lease for a car....

Interesting/Useful Services (Miscellaneous)

Converters If you need information regarding lawyers, areas of law, or need a legal dictionary, see this site. Searchable database.
Prima Publishing: Publishing firm which puts out a series of computer books you may find useful. Many other titles as well.
California Lottery: Current lottery results, as well as past searches....
Internet Movie Database: Search for any movie made.
Big Star Movie Database: Search for movies on video.
3Line Index Page: Interesting and possibly useful links. From main page, go to "Links."
Measuring Units Conversion Tables: The tables provide for conversion from/to metric and imperial and US measurement systems.
University of Phoenix: Adult education. Can be in-person or on-line. Find a campus near you.
Lexis-Nexis: Legal and financial information database. Fee-based service.
Have An Idea?: Request information for submitting an invention for marketing. Information and links regarding military sites and resources.

What time is it?

Official U.S. Time: If you need to set a clock, coordinate time, or set up GMT or ZULU time.
Time Service Department, U.S. Naval Observatory: If you need to set a clock, coordinate time, or set up GMT or ZULU time. (For the animated clocks, you have to run Netscape.)
World Time Zone Map: Time zones around the world. Printable PDF or PostScript maps.
Time Ticker: Interesting take on world time, time zones, and related information. Has audio output for time. Requires a flash plug-in for clock, and RealAudio for the audio clock.

Converters : Convert length, temperature, weight, finance, force, density, clothing, energy, angles, area, etc. Interactive calculators for many measurement systems both commonly used like metric and U.S. Distance, time, speed, and many other units.Convert-Me.Com: Interactive Units Conversion
Measuring Units Conversion Tables: The tables provide for conversion from/to metric and imperial and US measurement systems.
1728 Software Systems: Financial, mathematical, and other converters and converters. Check out their Website Design Tools section for JavaScript and design tools.
A Dictionary of Units: This provides a summary of most of the units of measurement to be found in use around the world today. Choose your category.
Conversion Tables: An alphabetical list of units and their conversions.
Currency Converter: Plug in amount, "converting from" and "converting to".


PalmPilot-related stuff: Do you own a PalmPilot? Here are some resources...

Paging Services

WebLink Wireless (formerly PageMart): Paging services. Page someone directly from this site, if they use this service, and you have their PIN. 1846887
SkyTel: SkyTel paging services. Page someone from this web site if they use this service, and you have their PIN. 8024310   1529492
Arch Wireless (formerly PageNet): Paging with Arch Wireless Services. To page directly, go here.
Wildfire Communications: Voice-activated mobile communications (fax, e-mail, etc.).
AT&T Wireless Message Center: If your message recipient has AT&T Wireless, you can send text messages to that person's cell phone.

Internet Service Providers (Sacramento)

No services at this time.

Internet Service Providers (Free Services)

NetZero: ISP claiming to be free access forever.


Excellent Weather Sites: Many weather-related sites collected at this.
AWS WeatherBug: Check out the weather anywhere, real-time. Weather information from The Weather Channel.

Training/Education Online training on a variety of subjects. Tutorials, how-to, etc. Online resources for information on a variety of subjects.
How Stuff Works: How DOES stuff work? Find out here. (Be sure to check out my online reference page for other research resources.)
So You Wanna?.com: Learn how-to on a range of topics.

Web stuff

Free Promote: Get that web site noticed! Submit your web site to many search engines.
URL-Minder: URL-Minder keeps track of web page changes and other resources on the World Wide Web.
NetMind Free Services List: E-mail/web robots, various calculators, free services.
Home Buyers Fair: Salary calculator. Compare regional salaries.
Currency Converter: Plug in amount, "converting from" and "converting to".

Advice Ask any question! is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the Internet. Ask questions of people qualified in a specific field.
How To Clean Anything: Cleaning problems? This site has useful tips. Make repairs to household items such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. Order hard-to-find parts.

Online Shopping...

[ Books/Videos | Book Search | Video Search | Computers | Cars | Games/Toys | Other | Clothing | Gardening | Food | Motorcycles | IMalls ]

Books and Videos...

Barnes and Noble: Order books online. Order books online. ( and Borders Books teamed up for online ordering.)
BUYINGBOOKS Section: Extensive list of online booksellers, who handle books on every subject. U.S. and U.K.
Book Information on the Internet: Online Book Stores, Discount Book Stores, Used, Out-of-Print, and Specialty Books, Searching for Books and the Best Book Prices, and Book Reviews.
Barnes & Professional, Technical and Business Bookstore (formerly Computer The Fatbrain web site has been renamed Barnes & Professional, Technical and Business Bookstore. (Formerly a great Bay Area bookstore with all books technical.) On line shopping and price comparison service. On line shopping for books and music.

Book Search Tools Search for books, and search out the best price from various online sellers. Search for available books by state; and total cost of books includes shipping and taxes applicable to your state.
Illustrators and their Books: Search for illustrated books. From the-Forum On-line Antiques Mall.

Video Search Tools

Internet Movie Database: Search for any movie made.
Big Star Movie Database: Search for movies on video. Searchable database. You can look up all movies by year (1920 to present). Cast listing and short summary of movie plot provided.


Yahoo! Online shopping, Computers: Order computer stuff online!
Welcome to NetBuyer (Computer Shopper): Shop for computers and computer products online...
Surplus Direct: Shop for computers and related items online...
Price Scan: Scan for computers and computer products. Find the lowest prices.
Computer Discount Warehouse: Purchase computers, accessories, etc.
CompuAmerica Inc.: Buying software online from various manufacturers.
Gateway 2000: Buying a computer? Order one online!
Dell: Buying a computer? Order one online!


Kelley Blue Book: What is yur car worth? What can you expect to pay for a car?
MSN Carpoint: Use MSN's web site to research a car, buy a car or insurance, or to browse car-related information.

Gadgets and electronics

The Sharper Image: Gadgets and stuff and things...
Brookstone: Gadgets and stuff and things... Online (and catalogue) shopping for electronics, cell phones, and computer-related items. Cell phones, pagers, and accessories. Service plans listed by entering your ZIP code.
Gadget Universe: Electronics, phones, cameras, tools, etc.

Games, Toys, and Other Items... Online shopping for toys for kids of all ages.
FAO Schwarz: Online shopping for toys.
Games2Learn: Online shopping for educational toys.
Wild Site for purchasing plush animals. If you click on "Find A Store", and click on "Order Wild Republic Toys Online", it will take you to other retailers (approx. 15 total) who sell stuffed animals, as well as other toys.
Ancient Games: If you play chess (I do) or backgammon, do some online shopping.
World Wide Web Chess Superstore: Online shopping for chess-related items.
Your Move Chess & Games: Online shopping for chess, backgammon, Mah Jongg, and related items.
The Mecca: Links to site for online shopping for chess-related items (books, boards, tables, etc.). Look under "Main Categories and click on "Equipment".
MSN links to chess-related items: Links to other chess-related sites.
Chess-related items: Kasparov Chess - The Home of Chess on the Web.

Other Items...

EZ Shopping Spot: Online shopping. From the web site: "No Bells, No Whistles, No Hype........Just EZ Shopping!"
Flooz: Online shopping. Give gift certificates that can be used at a variety of online stores.
eBay: Online shopping and trading. Order different items online. Search by store, category, or search by your ZIP code.
Levenger: Online shopping for pens, inks, and associated reading/writing materials. Online shopping for cell phones, cell phone services, pagers, etc. Comparative charts.
Lands End: Online shopping for clothing.
Eddie Bauer: Online shopping for clothing.
J. Crew: Online shopping for clothing.
Gap: Online shopping for clothing.
Smith & Hawken: Online shopping for garden and home.
Gardener's Supply Company: Online shopping for garden and home.
Earthmade: Gardening tools and supplies, and outdoor decorating.
Fancy Foods: Online shopping for goodies and specialty foods.
Figi's: Online shopping for meats, cheeses, nuts, fruit, etc.
Hickory Farms: Online shopping for meats, cheeses, nuts, fruit, and assorted goodies.
A1 Steaks: Online shopping for steaks and other bulk-rate meats.
Honda Motorcycles home page: Shop online for a Honda.
Yamaha Motorcycles home page: Shop online for a Yamaha.
Kawasaki Motorcycles home page: Shop online for a Kawasaki.
No listing for Harley-Davidson.
Internet Malls...
The Internet Mall: Shop online, for any item. Online shopping. Online shopping, kind of limited in scope.
netMarket: Electronics, books, music, computers, and more. Looks like a membership fee.
Market Depot: A competitor to and other online shopping sources.


The New York Times: New York newspaper.
The San Francisco Chronicle: San Francisco, CA newspaper. San Francisco, CA online newspaper.
The San Francisco Examiner: San Francisco, CA newspaper.
The Washington Post: Washington, DC newspaper.
The Wall Street Journal: Business/financial news, company reports, stock information, etc.
Sacramento Bee: Sacramento, CA newspaper.

Online news and online services ABC news online. CNN News online. MSNBC news online.
News Summaries: News Summaries. Presented by The New York Times. radio station finder.

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