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Friendly sites

Links to my buddies' sites...

Various web sites owned by people I know

Home Page of Lisa Ulrich: A familiar name to me -- it's my wife! Check out the Sacramento Children's Home
Law Offices of Michael W. Crosson: Mike's got a law practice going in Sacramento. Drop in, even if you don't need a lawyer!
Timothy J. Miller, Esq.: Tim's areas include: Environmental; Land Use; Business Litigation.
Riccio & Ridgeway: The business site of my [fencing] buddy Lewis Ridgeway. (Accounting services.)
USS Queenfish Home page: Jerry ("Uffie") Uffelman. Very well done web site.
Ocean Grove, New Jersey: Linda and Asher's contribution to "Friendly Links".
Image Quest: Ellen Baxter's contribution to my list. See Image Quest for all your graphic design needs.
Metro Tacoma Fencing Club: Interesting fencing site. See also Marty's photography web site. He has several galleries of images. Marty was also kind enough to give me a spot as a Guest Photographer.
M X Y P L Y Z Y K: New York- and Greenwich Village-based store, offering interesting items.
Angela F.: Angela Fertado, web graphic designer and developer. Maybe she can make a web site for you.

They had a link, I swear it!

THE JOE WOSIK HOME PAGE.... : Joe always has something to say. To quote, "GET READY FOR THE ULTIMATE IN WEB MEDIOCRITY! (insert yawns now)."
Home Page of BD Ulrich: Get ready for this -- this page belongs to my cat!!! Yes, my cat!!!
Home Page of Nightmare Ulrich: My other cat has a web site!

Hey!! Any of my buddies got a web site? Let me know:

This page last updated September 24, 2004.

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