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Fun Stuff


Joke of the Day:  A collection of sites providing jokes and humor.
Welcome to Good Clean Fun!: Archive of jokes and humor.
The Daily Joke Archives:  Several categories of jokes and humor.
Rodney and Cathy's Joke Page:  Successor to Allworld's Joke of the Day, which closed down.
Shag Mail:  Fun and humor sent to you via e-mail. Pick your area of interst, and subscribe to the newsletter.
Pun Of The Day:  If you like puns, you'll like this. While there, check out their Laugh Links.

Games  Several online games available. (This site is the successor to
Crossword puzzles:  A Yahoo! search found several sources...If you need assistance with a puzzle, check out my online crosswords solver -- see bottom of page.
The Densa Page!:  An online quiz and parody of Mensa. There are four quizzes; plus you can take a real Mensa quiz. See this page's related site, Fun Stuff! with brain teasers, puzzles, etc.
For more fun, check out the real Mensa Page.
PAK - Patterns, Parallels and Perceptions Puzzle!:  This quiz tests your perceptions of patterns and parallels in our daily routine.
Jeopardy! Online:  The TV game show is online. Single- and multiplayer options. You'll need to sign in.
Encarta Quizzes:  If you like Jeopardy!, then you'll want to spend some time online with these quizzes on different subjects.
Puzzles, Tests, and Trivia:  Online games and lists of books for games. From MSNBC.
Conway's Game of Life:  If you like math and fractals and stuff, check out this page. From the web site: "A pop-up Java applet that displays a collection of the greatest patterns ever created in Conway's Game of Life".

Search for Online Games

Yahoo! Directory of Games:   Directory of online games.
Com Find:   Find online games,etc.
MSN Gaming Zone:  Various on-line games.

Humor and Cartoons

Randy Glasbergen:  Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen.  Cartoons and humor daily.
C*E*A:  Center for the Easily Amused.
THE PAIRS SKATING/JUDGING CONTROVERSY!:  Cartoons about the 2002 Olympics and figure skating.
See also the main page for The Professional Cartoonists' Index and additional cartoons. Comics section:  Access to popular cartoons and comic strips. See also Mark Fiore's animated cartoons.

Fun Stuff and Other Distractions

Useless  Collection of trivia and other [interesting] bits of information.
The Daily Tease:  Brain teasers to keep you occupied.
Brain Candy Trivia:  More trivia and fun stuff.
Soda Play:  Interesting site that allows you to construct on-line models that move, which you control.
Kaleidoscope Painter:  A Java Applet that allows you to make a fractal painting.
History  Interesting, interactive history-related site.
What Breed of Dog Are You?:  Kind of a fun test. So -- what kind of dog are you?
Today's Horoscope:  If you like this kind of stuff. What's your sign?
Dumb Laws:  The title says it all. U.S. and foreign....
FBI RECORDS SEARCH :  See if you can locate yourself in these records....
Web Events:  If you have Windows media Player, you can watch movies....
The Acronymonometer:  As advertised, it's for Lazy Nerds.  This is a fun site, especially the Burn Maker. Note: this site is probably not for children.
On This Day...:  A site put together by The New York Times. On this day in history...
bin Laden's Liquor Store:  Online game, getting back at bin Laden.
Chess:  Online chess game. Various skill levels.
Worthless Word For The Day (WWFTD):  Who knows? You might actually learn something.
Oxymoron List:  A listing of contradictions in terms. What's your contribution to the list?
Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age:  Enter your age, and prepare to be humbled.
The Tonight Show   You can look at the monologues, Headlines, and Jay Walking. Video clips for some segments.
Say it with Semaphores   Enter your text, and the program will translate it into semaphore. From The Boy Scouts of America.
Easter Egg Archive   Look for hidden programs and messages in your software, your Palm Pilot, in TV commercials, in music, and so on. This site tells you what to look for, and where.
How Stuff Works:  Online reference tool. Research a bunch of stuff.
"The Bastard Operator From Hell"-style excuse server:  Generates funny excuses in the techie world.  From their web site: "When you have nothing better to do." Collection of fun stuff to look at and fun stuff to do. "Mission Statement Generator":  Generates mission statements in corporate-speak, using all the latest buzzwords.
Welcome to  Photography-related site, where you, the amateur photographer, can submit photos. Take a look at the stuff already online.
Murphy Laws Site :  Murphy's Law, as it applies to all situations. Includes an entry on the origin of Murphy's Law.

Free Electronic Postcards

@Postcard:  Send a free electronic postcard. Choose from different categories and themes.  Free electronic postcard. Choose from different categories, themes, and holidays.
Action Cat Postcards:  Send a free electronic postcard. Primarily cat-oriented themes and artwork; but other themes are presented.

Kinda Odd or Interesting...


Astronomy Picture of the Day:   Each day a different image or photograph of the universe is featured.
Heavens Above   Track the International Space Station, satellites, the space shuttle, or planets and stars. Track stuff as viewed from your part of the country.
Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures    From Space Telescope Science Institute. See Hubble's images.    Anything and everything to do with space or astronomy. Check out their link to watching the ISS, space shuttle, or satellites.

Bizarre stuff you can make in your kitchen:   Science-based fun activities.
Keirsey Temperament Sorter and Keirsey Temperament Theory :   What kind of person are you?   Billed as "photography's unofficial web site". If you have an interest in photography and its technical aspects, this site is interesting.
The Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Other Characters of Mythology   Traditional stories about gods, kings, myths, and heroes.
MYTH MAN'S ROMAN HOMEWORK CENTER:   If you need information concerning [mostly] Roman mythology (some Greek)...well, you found it.

Mostly Just Plain Weird

Morbid Fact of the Day:   Not much more to say, is there?
  Check out a related page, Elephant Man/Medical Curios.
Find a Grave:   Where everybody who was anybody is buried...
News Of The Weird:   Fun kind of site with weird, but true, stories.
Weird New Jersey:   Site dedicated to weird information as it relates to New Jersey's legends and other stories.
Urban Legends Reference Pages:   How did all those weird stories start? This site attempts to explain.....
The Skeptic's Dictionary   From the web site: "A Critical Survey of Questionable Therapies, Eccentric Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions and Dangerous Delusions."
FREE Ghostweb Photos   If you're into this kind of stuff, then take a look.
Bizarre News:   Odd or bizarre stories. Check out the "Bizarre Photo of the Week" section.


This page last updated December 20, 2002.