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175 Cheryl Lane, Applegate, California 95703                               Telephone (530) 878-1160   Fax  (530) 878-9376

EDUCATIONMaster of Arts, 2005, University of Phoenix (Sacramento, CA campus)
                          Major:  Education
                          Concentration:  Adult Education and Distance Learning
                          Bachelor of Arts, 1988, Montclair State College, Montclair, NJ
                          Major: Psychology
                          Minor: Paralegal Studies   Specialization: Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Law (ABA-approved program)
                          Associate of Applied Science, 1996, Heald Institute of Technology, Sacramento, CA
                          Concentration:  Networking (Novell)
                          Associate of Applied Science, 1993, Heald Institute of Technology, Rancho Cordova, CA
                          Concentrations:  Electronics Technology and Computer Programming
                          Associate of Arts, American River College, Sacramento, CA (on hold)
                          Major:  Sign Language Studies (Interpreting)
HARDWARE: Printers (service and repair); network servers;  tape drives; Macintosh (several versions), PowerMac; HP
ScanJet series flatbed scanners,  Xerox 7650 ProImager flatbed scanner; Sun workstations; fax/modems; CD-ROM drives;
x286 through Pentium computers (installation/repairs); laptop computers (various manufacturers); routers, switches, hubs, CSUs/DSUs, other WAN equipment.
SOFTWARE  (WIN): Microsoft Office Suite; WordPerfect Office Suite; MS Works 3.0; Lotus Notes; cc:Mail; Adobe Acrobat;
Netscape and Internet Explorer. Adobe PageMaker, PageMill, Illustrator, and PhotoShop; Microsoft FrontPage; Visio; CorelDraw!; Dreamweaver. Other programs upon request.
(MACINTOSH):  MS Word; WordPerfect; MS Excel; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator; MacWrite; MS-Works, Claris Works.
(OTHER):  HP OpenView; Telnet; FTP.

OPERATING ENVIRONMENTS:  DOS, Windows 3.x, Win95/98/2000/NT/XP, UNIX, Macintosh
NETWORKS:  Novell, Banyan

March 2001 to Present
  Wells Fargo Bank (WFSC), Cassie Hill Data Center, Roseville, CA  (
  Network Engineer
  · Network engineer, working on network-related problems through conclusion.
  · Change Coordinator for the Vendor Management Team. Create change requests and coordinate with telecommunications providers for required work to be performed on network equipment and
    associated data circuits.
  · Change Coordinator for the Network Software Group. Create change requests and coordinate with multiple business units in order to follow through with requirements for change records.
  · Interact with external service providers, telco, equipment manufacturers, and internal customers to successfully provide continuous network service.
  · Work with networking equipment such as 3Com, Cisco, Juniper, and Extreme routers. Various other WAN equipment.
  · Network Engineer in the Network Control Center. Resolve issues related to networking equipment-based problems. Diagnose network-related problems and take appropriate measures to
    restore connectivity and productivity.
  · Quality Assurance and Compliance. Review trouble tickets and either personally resolve outstanding issues, refer to appropriate party for timely resolution, or hold for review and training of NCC
    personnel in proper ticket resolution procedure.
  · Documentation Specialist, providing analysis and follow-up for open trouble tickets; and to provide internal technical/nontechnical documentation to
    in-house network engineers.
April 2000 to April 2001
  Heald College of Business and Technology, Roseville, CA  (
  · Instructor for technology-based programs. Created course content and provided instructor-led, classroom-based training.
  · Taught two courses, Transmission Media and Networking and Internet Studies.
October 1996 to March 2001
  3Com Corporation, Santa Clara, CA  (
  Systems Engineer and Documentation Specialist
  · Network engineer providing support services for wide area networking (WAN) equipment manufactured by 3Com Corp.
  · Support for LAN and WAN equipment and technologies.  Support for multiple platforms.
  · Resident engineer for client site (Roseville, CA), network control center.  Response and resolution of network problems
    remotely;  responsible for coordinating efforts for on-site response/resolution.
  · Coordinate problem resolution efforts of client, third party vendors, and 3Com.  Interaction with on-site third party
  · Create relevant technical documentation for WAN technologies and hardware. Webmaster for intranet web site.
  · Provide administrative support at client site for all 3Com resident engineers and transient engineers.
April 1996 to October 1996
  Littler, Mendelson, Fastiff, Tichy & Mathiason, P.C., San Francisco, CA   (
  Applications Specialist
  · Training for end users.  Formal classroom and one-on-one training.
  · Created end user documentation, in-house.
  · Oversaw a staff of five employees.
  · Hardware installation, configuration, repairs, and maintenance.   Installation/configuration of peripherals.
  · Software installation and configuration.
  · Responsible for mobile fleet (laptop computers).  Installation, configuration, and tracking.
  · MS Office products, WFW and Win95 based.  Windows NT network.  Specialized legal software.  Westlaw, Lexis.
  · Assisted in web site content development.
  · Help desk environment. Handling hardware and software issues, by phone and in person.
  · Supported all of the above for 26 offices nationwide.   Bay Area offices in person; coordinated contract services

December 1991 to April 1996
  University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law,  Sacramento, CA   (
  Assistant Manager, LawLab
  · Managed a staff of fifteen, in a Novell 4.1 LAN computer facility of 50 workstations.
  · Maintain/troubleshoot/install/configure all hardware and software within facility (IBMs and Macs).
  · Designed and implemented entire training program for new LawLab employees.
  · Created user manuals; created on-line manuals for employees; created/maintained policies and procedures manuals.
  · Trained staff and lab users in all Mac-, DOS-, and Windows-based software available in LawLab.
  · Trained in Westlaw and LEXIS/NEXIS software.
June 1995 to August 1995
  Intel Corp.,  Folsom, CA   (
  Personal Computer Services, Laptop Specialist (Temporary position only, concurrent with position above)
  · Installed software company-wide on large variety of laptops; hardware installations and minor repairs.
  · Help desk environment, handling troubleshooting questions by phone and in person.
  · Support for Intel sites in Folsom and Bay Area.
  · Novell 3.x and 4.x, Windows NT, and Banyan VINES environment.
March 1991 to September 1991
  Alldata Corporation,  Elk Grove, CA   (
  Data Capture Technician
  · Edited/updated automotive technical manuals transformed to CD-ROM format, using OCR scanning.
  · Assisted in training new employees in OCR software.
  · Unix environment.
September 1986 to May 1988
  State of New Jersey, Montclair State College,  Upper Montclair, NJ   (
  Computer Lab Assistant
  · Maintained facility of 21 networked IBM computers; troubleshoot and repair computers.
  · Duties included teaching computer programs for various departments.
  · Novell 3.x network.
September 1984 to May 1986
  Interactive Communications,  Upper Montclair, NJ
  Technical Writer
  · Created new user manuals or revised existing user manuals for computer operators.
  ·    Continuing education through Wells Fargo Bank for software, technical, and management training. 2001-present     (Wells Fargo Bank, Roseville, CA)
  ·    Completed Cisco-approved Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP). November, 2004 (Lighthouse Learning)
  ·    Attended Leadership Skills and Team Development for the Technical Professional. June, 2004 (American Management Association)
  ·    Completed Unix, Level I and Level II courses, July, 2003 (Global Knowledge)
  ·    Completed Cisco-approved courseware. (ICND, BCMSN, BCRAN, BSCN, CIT)   2000-2001 (KnowledgeNet)
  ·    Professional development courses, WAN equipment and technologies, 1996-2001  (3Com, San Jose)
  ·    Completed Intermediate Unix course, Spring, 2000  (American River College, Sacramento)
  ·    Completed PageMaker 6.5 course, Spring, 2000  (American River College, Sacramento)
  ·    Completed Unix course, Fall, 1999  (American River College, Sacramento)
  ·    Completed Technical Writing, April-July, 1998  (Heald Institute of Technology, Sacramento)
  ·    Completed Real World Project Management, February, 1998  (CareerTrack, Sacramento)
  ·    Completed Web Page Design course, Fall, 1997  (American River College, Sacramento)
  ·    Completed Telecommunications course, Fall, 1997  (American River College, Sacramento)
  ·    Completed Novell's Certified Netware Engineer training, April 1996 (Heald Institute of Technology, Sacramento)
  ·    Completed Microsoft-approved Windows 95 training, April 1996   (Datawiz Centers, Foster City)
  ·    Completed Train-the-trainer, July, 1995 (Regional & Continuing Education, CSUS, Sacramento, CA)
  ·    Completed Computer Science (Programming), Fall, 1994 (Sacramento City College, Sacramento, CA)
  ·    Completed Customer Service, May, 1994 (Fred Pryor Seminars)
  ·    Completed Grant and Proposal Writing, July, 1994 (McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, CA)
  ·    Completed Management, June to September 1989 (United States Air Force Officer Training School, San Antonio, TX)
       (Complete listing of courses to date available upon request.)

  ·    Personnel management skills.
  ·    Project management.
  ·    Teaching and training experience.  (Computer and non-computer related.)
  ·    Technical writing; end user documentation; forms design.
  ·    Programming:  C++; HTML; JavaScript.
  ·    Help desk environment.
  ·    Public speaking and presentation skills.
  ·    Grant and proposal writing.
  ·    Courses for conflict resolution.
  ·    Courses for Time Management Skills.
  ·    Software training (various programs).

  ·    Officer Training School, United States Air Force. Leadership and management training.
       (Honorably discharged, 1990. Rank: 1Lt.)
  ·    Personal home page:
       (Created personal home page.)
REFERENCES: Available upon request

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