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Randall's World --- Fencing!!
Click the box to see my photo. (I'm on your right.) Click the box to see me teaching.

Welcome to my home page.

I am a fencing instructor. I originally put this fencing-related site together for my students.

Although this page started as a reference for the sport of fencing, I've added other interests to this site.

There are many pages of information here, covering different topics. Take some time and check them out. You may find useful and interesting information here.

Please note: there are some links referenced here which may not work, as some services have either closed their doors, or their web sites have had their links altered. I update these pages as often as I can, but I may not always be able to update some links in a timely manner. If you find that a link does not work, please let me know. My e-mail address is listed at the bottom of this page. Thanks.

This page last updated June 11, 2009.

Some contents of other pages last updated September 9, 2010.

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That List Of Links To Other Sites......

Fencing-related links.......        
Various links to other fencing-related sites.... There are many fencing sites to go to.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Links                                     
Links to deaf and HOH sites....
Useful Stuff and Oddball Items                                      
Links to sites that you may find useful....
Free Stuff on the Internet
The name says it all...
Online dictionaries and other resources                                      
Online dictionaries/resources. Computer dictionaries, glossaries and research tools, plus several other dictionaries. Technical information, technical training, and tech-related items. Internet resources for webmasters.
Webmasters' corner.                                      
Tools, scripts, graphics...tools for making a web site better.
Education, teaching, teachers, and related items....
Recruiting new teachers; lesson plans; adult-education programs; distance learning; technical education and certifications, etc.
Jobs, employment, and resumes.                    
Links to sites for job-hunting; and my resume on-line.
Internet e-mail.                                      
E-mail services. They're all free services...
Web Search Engines...
Find what you need on the Internet. Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista, Webcrawler, Google or Starting Point. I've also included a link to Bots to help your web searches.   New
Friendly Links.
A few links to buddies' sites.
Fun Stuff.                                      
Jokes, humor, puzzles, etc.
Cameras around California (Links.)
Real-time video from around California and other places.
My photography.
My original photography. (I will be adding to the galleries from time to time, so check back.)
Click here to go to my original gallery. Gallery I. (B&W)
Click here to go to Gallery II. (B&W)
Click here to go to Gallery III. (Color)
Click here to go to Gallery IV. (Color)
Click here to go to Gallery V. (B&W)
Click here to go to Gallery VI. (B&W and Color)
Click here to go to Gallery VII. (B&W portfolio)                  New
Click here to go to Gallery "Best of..." (Color and B+W. These are some of my better photos. Look for future additions to this gallery.)                               
Click here to see a couple of self-portraits. (It's not much, but it's something to look at.) (B&W)
Lisa's work.
Lisa's contributions to the gallery. (Color)

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Love to hear from you.....

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