Where can I order equipment through the mail?

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This page last updated March 3, 2005.

Where to go for equipment online...

Allstar Equipment Home Page
Order online. German and English versions. (German supplier.)
American Fencers Supply Home Page
Order online from San Francisco-based company. (U.S. supplier.)
Blade Fencing Equipment
Ordering equipment online. Blade Internet. (U.S. supplier.)
Blue Gauntlet Fencing Gear
Ordering fencing equipment online. (U.S. supplier.)
Ordering fencing equipment online. Weapons, accessories, clothing, etc. (English supplier.)
Epee Sports Equipment
Ordering fencing equipment online. (Hong Kong supplier.)
Fencing Links 1
Listing of U.S. and non-U.S. fencing equipment suppliers. (No longer online.)
FenceSmart Online
Order fencing equipment online.
Fencing Post, The
Order equipment online. (U.S. supplier.)
Fencing Technologies
Ordering equipment online. (No longer online.)
Order fencing-themed clothing and other items online. T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, mugs, hats, towels, etc. (U.S. company.)
Fritz on Fencing
Ordering fencing-related books online. Reviews of books. Links to other fencing sites.
Galaxie 3000 Fencing
French fencing equipment supplier. (No longer online.)
Gormenghast Books -- Ordering Books Online
Nadi's book, and several others.... (No longer online.)
International List of Suppliers
Non-clickable links to equipment suppliers. Names and phone numbers for U.S./international suppliers. U.S. at bottom of page.
Khalid Gloves Industries
Order fencing gloves (and other types types of gloves) online. (Pakistani supplier.)
Leon Paul Home Page
Order equipment online. (U.K. supplier.)
Le Touché of Class
Equipment, clothing, and fencing-related items. (U.S. supplier.) (No longer online.)
Merlin 3W Fencing Equipment
Online ordering of fencing equipment. (U.K. supplier.)
Negrini Fencing Line
Italian fencing equipment supplier. Interesting site. (Italian supplier.)
Physical Chess, Inc.
Online ordering of fencing equipment. (U.S. supplier.)
Quality Performers
From the supplier: "Maker of Maxi Guard and Econo Guard women's chest protectors. Also sold via Adidas, Kamikaze, Allstar, Negrini, Leon Paul, Top Ten and many other top brands. #1 in Europe".
Ordering equipment, books, videos, etc. online. Link to Salle Santelli. (U.S. supplier.)
Star Flex Sports
Order fencing gloves and fencing equipment bags. (Pakistani supplier.)
Triple F Sport Australia
Equipment supplier. Check out the "Fencing Quiver". (Australian supplier.)
Triplette Competition Arms
Equipment supplier. Competition and SCA equipment. (U.S. supplier.)
Uhlmann Fencing Equipment
Online ordering of fencing equipment. (German supplier.)
US list of suppliers
Non-clickable links to US equipment suppliers.
Weaponsmiths, Sword and Fencing Suppliers
Links to weapons suppliers of all sorts. Modern fencing, theatrical, SCA, and period weapons. (Note: American Fencer's Supply's phone number is 415-863-7911.)
Zivkovic Home Page
Order equipment online. (U.S. supplier.)
"As Seen On TV"
Fencing suppliers list. (U.S. and foreign suppliers.) (No longer online.)

Other items to purchase...

Fencing Footage
Order online. Videos and training CDs. Check out the section with the video previews.
Go to the "Fencing-Related Publications" section of the page. Links have been set up to Amazon.com, with a series of fencing-related books.