Links to fencing clubs and fencing schools.

Links to clubs.: A Yahoo search displaying clubs. (National.)
Links to clubs by state.: A list maintained by LSU. Clubs listed by state.

Andrew Villaverde: Fight choreographer providing training for theatrical swordfights and combat. Los Angeles, California
Bay State Fencers: Somerville, MA
Boston Fencing Club: Boston, MA
Bucks County: Lambertville, New Jersey
California Fencing Academy: Los Gatos, CA
Central Valley Fencing Club: Stockton, California. Link not active.
Classical Blade Society: Los Angeles, California.
Columbia: Columbia, South Carolina
Davis Fencing Club: Davis, California
Fencing Academy of South Jersey: Cherry Hill, New Jersey. See also the related link to USFA NJ Division for information about South Jersey fencing.
Fencers Club: New York, NY
Freehold Fencing Academy: Freehold, New Jersey
Fresno Fencing Academy: Fresno, CA
Halberstadt: San Francisco, CA
Hawaii Fencers Club: Hawaii's oldest fencing club. Very nicely done site. Check the Links and the Gallery.
Hudson River Fencing: New York.
In Ferro Veritas: Interesting fencing site. Ithaca, New York.
Kiraly Fencing Academy: Interesting fencing site showing both European and Japanese fencing. Akron, Ohio.
Les Amis Fencing Club and Salle: Buffalo, New York
Lincoln: Lincoln, Nebraska
Links: Links to fencing-related sites. Clubs, teams, equipment, etc. Compiled by College of Charleston Fencing Club.
Links to college teams: Links to other sites......(Printout only. No internet links.)
Listing of clubs around the country.: Names, addresses, phone numbers. Broken down by state.
Lilov Fencing Academy.: Fencing academies in Montclair, NJ and Union, NJ.
Los Angeles Fencing Center: Glendale, CA.
Los Angeles International Fencing Center : West Los Angeles, California.
Lucchetti Fencing Foundation: Davis Fencing Academy (Davis, CA) and Sonoma Fencing Academy (Petaluma, CA)
Malibu Fencing Club.: Fencing club in Malibu, CA See also companion sites Classical Blade Society (Los Angeles) and Fight Direction of Andrew Villaverde (Glendale, CA).
Martinez Historical Fencing: New York City, New York.
Metro Tacoma Fencing Club: Interesting site. Tacoma, WA.
MSU Fencing Club: Michigan State University fencing web site.
Palmetto Fencers Club: Columbia, SC
Peter Harris Academy of Fencing: North Port, FL
Salem Classical Fencing: Salem, OR.
Salle Honolulu: Honolulu, HI fencing club web site. Interesting list of internal links.
Scherma: The Noble Art of Classic Italian Fencing: San Mateo, CA.
Sierra Fencing Center : Fresno, CA.
Sport Fencing Center : Richmond, CA.
Sword Play Fencing Academy: Concord, California fencing academy. See also this site (Popular Fencing Pages).
Tampa's Fencing Academy: Tampa, Florida Fencing Academy
University of South Carolina, Columbia Fencing Club: Interesting site with some useful information. Link not active
Side note: if you have any information about teaching fencing to the Deaf/HOH, please contact Rick Thompson, Coach (
USFA fencing locations: USFA's web site. Go to "New to fencing?", then go to "Where can I fence?" The pick your state.
Washington Fencing Academy: Issaquah, Covington, and Maple Valley, WA.
York University Fencing Club: YUFC archives, fencing humor, more. Needs Flash and Shockwave plug-ins.

Clubs in California Fencing clubs in California (maint. by LSU).

Clubs in Northern California Fencing clubs in Northern California (list provided by NorCal Division of the USFA).

For those of you in the Sacramento area......

Here are some fencing clubs/groups in the Sacramento, CA area:
Sacramento Fencing Club 
11347 Folsom Blvd # A
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Contact:  Ted Smith
 Click on this icon to go to Sacramento Fencing Club

University of California, Davis Fencing Club UC Davis Rec Hall Location: Hickey Gym Catherine Thomas President, UC Davis Fencing Club See also the link for other staff. Click on this icon to go to University of California, Davis See also UC Davis' links to other schools with fencing clubs.

Capitol Fencing Club 5485 Carlson Drive Sacramento, CA 95819 916-452-7727 Contact: George Biery Click on this icon to go to Capitol Fencing Club (no longer in service)

Regional and Continuing Education Program California State University, Sacramento 6000 "J" Street Sacramento, CA Instructor: Randall Ulrich Phone: (916) 278-4433 (General information.) Click on this icon to go to Regional and Continuing Education (no longer in service)

Sacramento Fencing Club 916-456-2369 Contact: Michael Shedd Sacramento, CA (No web site)

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