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Overview/history....Weapons....Rules explanations...Diagrams....

A little bit about the sport

Fencing overview.

A little bit about the weapons

The foil.: Intro 1.
The foil.: Intro 2.

The sabre.: Intro 1.
The sabre.: Intro 2.

The epee.: Intro 1.
The epee.: Intro 2.

The piste

The piste, or fencing strip. An overview of the fencing area.

Other: rules, history, diagrams, etc.

Frequently asked questions about fencing.: Questions about weapons, rules, clothing, etc.
Fencing: A Modern Sport. From the United States Fencing Assocation's web site. Provides a good general overview of the sport.
What is Fencing?: Overview on the sport of fencing. Presented by Salle Auriole (Seattle).
How to Watch Fencing: This document describes the basics of watching fencing. (Formerly included as "A Parent's Guide to Watching Fencing.") [(PDF, 558 Kbytes)] Presented by Salle Auriole (Seattle).
Fencing 101: Quick overview on what you need to get started in fencing. Explanation of rules, equipment, clothing, terminology, etc. Seems to have an emphasis on women in fencing.
What is fencing?: From the Lilov Fencing Academy site. Click on the "About Fencing" link, and then the "What is fencing?" link.
What is fencing?: From the Salem Classical Fencing site. Direct link to the "What is fencing?" section.
Intro to fencing: From the Los Angeles International Fencing Center site. Information about the three weapons.
Fencing, generally: An overview of fencing, from Britannica online.
Pacific Coast Section: An overview of fencing as a sport.
An Invitation to Fencing.: A page by Theo Norvell. Interesting overview.
Nick's House of Fencing.: An overview of each of the weapons.
HowStuffWorks - How Fencing Equipment Works: An overview of fencing as a sport. Offers information on protective equipment, competition, the three weapons, wireless scoring systems, and has links to other sites.
What is fencing?: FAQs. Presented by MIT.
Salle d' Escrime: A fencing site put together by Mike Maurin. Very well-done site, with lessons, images, etc.
Minnesota Sword Club: Interesting site with information on fencing. Not operational at this time.
A Brief History of Fencing.: Compiled by Julian Dermoudy, University of Tasmania, Australia.
Early History of Fencing.: This information comes from Westside's World of Fencing Facts.
Fencing: The art of the blade.: Overview on fencing.
Cavaliers School of Fencing.: FENCING NOTES. A "how-to" compilation on fencing. Click on the link for "Fencing Basics" at the top of the page. It will take you to very nicely laid out documentation about fencing.
The Martial Art of Modern Fencing.: A Guide for the Beginner. By James Taylor.
Faq. for rec.sport.fencing.: Posting of frequently asked questions about fencing.
FAQs and resources.: FAQs, resources, and books. From MARTINEZ ACADEMY OF ARMS.
History of fencing.: History/overview. (Was from an LSU web site, but is not operational at this time.)
Overview of fencing.: Variation on the NBC page of fencing. Not operational at this time.
Fencing: USOlympicteam.com. From the main page, choose "Fencing" from the pull-down menu. Overview, history, glossary, and rules of fencing.
LSU home page.: Good information about fencing on this home page....Check out the bottom of the page. Not operational at this time.
En Garde!!: Terminology of fencing.... Not operational at this time.
University of Chicago Fencing Club: Click on the "About Fencing" link.
Glossary: Glossary of fencing terms.
By The Sword - Parry-Riposte: Interesting page with fencing literature.....Check out the entire page. Not operational at this time.
Fencing: Fencing techniques, etiquette, etc. Good informational background....Not operational at this time.
Smithsonian Magazine: Interesting article on fencing. (June, 1996 issue.)
Elizabethan fencing info: Overview of Elizabethan fencing, by William Wilson.
Sacramento Bee article: Overview of Olympic-style fencing, sparked by the arrival of the movie "Zorro". Look for references to the local fencing clubs in Sacramento. (July, 1998.) Not operational at this time.
History and overview of fencing.: Look for the references to each weapon embedded in the article, along with illustrations. Not operational at this time.

Epee repair manual.: An odd, but useful, item -- by Orde Saunders. It's plain text, for easy downloading. No longer available online.
A Guide to Epee Repair and Maintenance: A PDF document on the repairs for epee equipment. By Katrina Cass. Similar to the Orde Saunders manual.
Homemade Fencing Gear: Build Your Own Fencing Reels and Machine. By Jeffrey Sherman.

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