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Interesting Fencing Sites

U.S. Clubs and Academies

Bay State Fencers: Fencing club in Somerville, MA.
Black Diamond Fencing: Fencing information and links. (Harrisburg, PA)
Blackstone Valley Fencers: Fencing information and links.
The Blade Society: Fencing and SCA information and links. Portland, Maine.
Bucks County: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
California Fencing Academy: Los Gatos, CA Not in service at this time.
Classical Blade Society: Los Angeles, California.
Columbia Fencers' Club: Columbia, South Carolina Not in service at this time.
Fencers Club: New York, NY
Fencing Center of Buffalo: Fencing center information and links. Buffalo, New York (Cheektowaga, NY).
Freehold Fencing Academy: Freehold, NJ
Fresno Fencing Academy: Fresno, CA
Halberstadt: San Francisco, CA
Hudson River Fencing: New York.
Huntsville Fencing Club: Alabama. Check out their fencing links, and especially their Fencing Books page.
In Ferro Veritas: Interesting fencing site.
Kiraly Fencing Academy: Interesting fencing site showing both European and Japanese fencing. Akron, Ohio.
Les Amis Fencing Club and Salle: Buffalo, New York
Lincoln: Lincoln, Nebraska
Lilov Fencing Academy.: Fencing academies in Montclair, NJ and Union, NJ.
Los Angeles International Fencing Center : West Los Angeles, California.
Malibu Fencing Club.: Fencing club in Malibu, CA. See also companion sites Classical Blade Society (Los Angeles) and Fight Direction of Andrew Villaverde (Glendale, CA).
Martinez Historical Fencing: New York/New Jersey
Metro-Boston: Boston, MA Not in service at this time.
Metro Tacoma Fencing Club: Interesting site. Tacoma, WA.
Minnesota Sword Club: Interesting site with some information on fencing.
Palmetto Fencers Club: Columbia, SC
Peter Harris Academy of Fencing: North Port, FL
Salem Classical Fencing: Salem, OR.
Salle Aramis Fencing Photo of the Week: Dublin, Ohio.
Scherma: The Noble Art of Classic Italian Fencing: San Mateo, CA.
Sierra Fencing Center : Fresno, CA.
Sport Fencing Center : Richmond, CA.
Sword Play Fencing Academy: Located in Concord, California.
Tampa's Fencing Academy: Tampa, Florida Fencing Academy
The Swords Clubs: Fencing web site, Australia. Check out the "Introduction to Fencing" information section, as well as the "Weapons" section. Nicely done.
Tri-State University Fencing Club: Fencing site, location unknown. Check out the information section. Not in service at this time.
University of Chicago Fencing Club: Interesting site with some useful information.
University of South Carolina, Columbia Fencing Club: Interesting site with some useful information. Side note: if you have any information about teaching fencing to the Deaf/HOH, please contact Rick Thompson, Coach (
York University: Interesting site.
Washington Fencing Academy: Issaquah, Covington, and Maple Valley, WA.
West Chester University Fencing Club: Unofficial web site of the club. (There are several links to the club, but none go to a club site.)
Westside (Culver City, CA) Fencing Center: Great, informative fencing web site. (Site is down. Lost lease closed school. A note references Beverly Hills Fencers' Club as an alternate location for fencing in the Los Angeles area.)

International Clubs

Cavalier School of Fencing: Western Australia
Club de esgrima Bahía de Cádiz: Cadiz, Spain
ESGRIMA (Fencing in Brazil): Sala de Armas, São Paulo, SP - BRASIL. List of links to other Brazilian clubs.
Excalibur Fencing: The Excalibur Fencing Club. (Ottawa, Canada.)
Fencing New Zealand (Replaces F.C. St. James' Worldwide Fencing Links): Fencing-related information for New Zealand.
Guildford Fencing Club: Fencing Club in Guildford (Surrey, England). Photos, links, newsletters, equipment suppliers.
Gwent Sword Club: U.K. fencing club.
Irish Amateur Fencing Federation: Web site for the Irish Amateur Fencing Federation.
Italian Fencing Masters (Associazione Italiana Master Scherma): Italian fencing site.
Kalmar Fencing Club: Interesting Swedish club's fencing site. (Not in service at this time.)
Merlin Enterprises: Equipment and weapons supplier (UK) with links to UK fencing clubs.
Schermvereniging: Dutch web site.
Schermzaal TER WEER (TERWEER FENCING): Another Dutch fencing web site.
Selangor Amateur Fencing Association: Web site, affiliated with the Malaysian Fencing Federation.
Vancouver Fencing Club: Web site for the Vancouver Fencing Club.

Personal web sites

Fencing Site of the Month: The Fencing Site of the Week award is given to those fencing-related sites that are useful, and appealing.
Julie's Fencing Page: Site dedicated to fencing. Asks for viewer opinions. Women and sabre.
Fencer Girl's Fencing Fun Pages: Fencing site with lots of fencing-related links. Check out the Film Facts for Fencers section.
About me...: Ciy'Ree's website. Member of the Sacramento Fencing Club. (See also that site.) Don't forget to visit her other site.
Fenfool's Fencing Page: Jim Ferrone's fencing page.
By The Sword: J. Trad Wadsworth's page dedicated to fencing and swords.
Salle d' Escrime (Mike's page of all things fencing): A fencing site put together by Mike Maurin. Very well-done site, with lessons, images, etc.
My Fossils: Alex and Jennifer Johnson's page with fencing-related information.
DMOZ Open Directory Project: Ehren Faulkner's compilation of listings of personal web sites related to fencing. Some very interesting pages are listed here.
Fencing Web: Hungarian web site (choose your language). Nusy's web site.

Fencing Humor

Gwent Sword Club (U.K.): Cartoons and fencing humor...
Dictionary of Funny Fencing Phrases : A humorous list of common fencing terms. (From The Golden Dagger, which is no longer online.)
Classical Fencing: A humorous look at fencing, as shown in John Blair Moore cartoons.
Hertfordshire Fencing Association Desktop Fencing: From the creator of the game: "...Here is a little game for your PC, for when you are unable to get down to your local club." From the Hertfordshire Fencing Association:
Sword Wars: More fencing humor...


Other Fencing Pages on the WWW: Links to college teams, fencing pages, and resources.
TO THE POINT: Fencing links, links, links. Nice collection of fencing-related topics and their links. Equipment, clubs, magazines, humor, and more. Many fencing-related topics and their links. Equipment suppliers, fencing clubs, web sites, organizations, photos, and more.
Popular Fencing Pages: Collection of fencing-related links. Note: some links come and go.
Real Sports Links to web sites and information for all sports. Direct link to fencing. Catgegories include clubs, coaching, organizations, personal pages, and more.

Classical Fencing

Classical Fencing and Historical Swordsmanship Resources: Resources for classical fencing and historical swordsmanship.
Palm Beach Classical Fencing: Web site for fencing school teaching classical fencing. Instruction by Kim Moser.


Andrew Villaverde: [The fight direction of Andrew Villaverde] An award winning fencing and fight choreographer directing critically acclaimed fight and battle sequences throughout the United States. Based in Los Angeles, California.
Fencing Master: A web site from the UK which has animated sections showing how certain moves are accomplished.
The Home Page of Sword Play: From the web site: "Learn Fencing Methods and Techniques, Tactics and Strategies".
United States Fencing Coaches Association: The web site of the United States Fencing Coaches Association.
San Jose State University Fencing Master's Program: A university program in the United States that offers professional training and certification for fencing teachers. (San Jose State University, San Jose, California)..(Apparently it is no longer offered.)


Advance Lunge.: Interesting site which will appeal to all skill levels.
Central Florida Fencing: Zip Mall page. Click on fencing link.
Community Coaches: Interesting site. Some photos available.
EuroFencing Italia: Italian site, with the ability to order equipment. Odd mix of Italian and English.
Fencing Canada: Fencing brochure that's interesting to look at. Promotes women in fencing. (LINK NOT OPERATIONAL.)
Fencing Forum: British site, covering several topics. Post a message, look up equipment, rules, etc.
Fencing Resources: A directory of fencing-related websites. (British web site.) See the link for personal pages. (aka Sports Arena)
Fritz on Fencing: Web site with fencing book reviews and links to other fencing-related sites. Interesting site.
SwordPlay Fencing Studio: Burbank, California training facility for Olympic-style fencing, and Film & Stage Combat
The Blade Society: Site in Portland, ME dedicated to fencing, period fencing, swords, SCA, etc..
The Salle: A Web Site for Fencers: Fencing information and fencing links.
The Virtual Salle: Fencing information and fencing images.
TFA Magazine: A quarterly online magazine of Tampa's Fencing Academy.
Welcome to the Training Grounds!: Interesting animated clip on this page.
Welcome to the official website of Zorro.: Anything and everything Zorro-related.

Wheelchair Fencing

German Wheelchair Fencing: German Wheelchair Fencing. In German (auf Deutsch).

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